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Annette Turner

Annette's passion for water started as a young girl, swimming competitively in County level competitions.

Annette qualified in 1984 from Oswestry & North Staffordshire School of Physiotherapy. The use of Hydrotherapy during training at the Oswestry Orthopaedic Hospital led Annette, once qualified, to further her Hydrotherapy qualifications with the 'Bath Certificate'.

Following Qualification, Annette worked as a Physiotherapist at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, moving to the Manchester Royal Infirmary in 1987 as a Senior Physiotherapist in Hydrotherapy and outpatients.

Private Practice was the next step, leading to the setting up of Annette Turner Hydrotherapy / Hydromobility Ltd in 1999.

Annette was a founding member of the HACP (now the ATACP) which was set up with an aim to continuing professional development of hydrotherapy within the physiotherapy profession and promoting awareness of hydrotherapy to other healthcare professionals.

Throughout her career Annette has trained Students and Qualified Physiotherapists in Hydrotherapy.

Annette is married with two children and enjoys walking, swimming, skiing and gardening.