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Roberta Cardoso

Roberta Cardoso
A.A.S. Exercise Physiology Bsc (Honors) Physiotherapy

Roberta is a licensed exercise physiologist and recent physiotherapy graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University.
She has over 10 years experience in sports conditioning under her belt and specialises in cycling, swimming, running and adventure racing. For these sports, Roberta focuses on providing exercise prescriptions for many different levels of fitness and is particularly interested in training women. Furthermore, she feels it is important for corporate clients and health clubs to introduce these sport into their health and fitness services.
Despite the fact that Roberta is a recent graduate, she has four years experience in orthopaedic inpatient and hydrotherapy as a practicing physiotherapist. This has sparked an interest in utilising hydrotherapy rehabilitation for all ages, especially:

  • Sport related injuries
  • Pre-operation
  • Post-operation
  • Neurological conditions
  • Long term conditions

To further supplement her existing experience, Roberta is currently working towards gaining more exposure to muscular skeletal outpatients and specialising in hydrotherapy.
Patient education is a core part of Roberta’s treatment, as she believes it enables her patients to take control of their condition and successfully manage it both in the short and long term. One of Roberta’s key skills is that she is a very good listener and believes this is the best approach for getting to know a patient inside out and helps her to develop a more holistic and customer focused treatment.