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What is Hydrotherapy?

is an extension of Physiotherapy. It is exercise and movement in water under the guidance of a Physiotherapist with specialised skills.
The water is kept at 34°C / 94°F allowing you to stay in the water without feeling cold.
The warmth also allows ease of movement to joints without stressing them and allowing strengthening of muscles at the same time.
The movements in water are pain free and normal functional activities can be achieved.
Treatment is suitable for swimmers and none swimmers alike. All movements in the water are performed with Annette and / or Becky in the pool giving direct supervision.
Hydrotherapy can play a vital role in rehabilitation by treating the body as a whole.
Hydrotherapy is a recognised treatment shown to
• Improve mobility
• Strengthen muscles
• Relieve pain
• Improve balance and coordination
• Help with relaxation
• Aid improvement of core and postural stability
• Re-educate normal function
• Improve quality of life
• Enhance independence

We use a variety of pieces of specialist equipment to enhance the naturally occurring properties of water.