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What we offer

Individual Hydrotherapy
We offer specialist one-to-one treatment sessions of Hydrotherapy.
This involves direct treatment and guidance from our professionally trained Physiotherapists.
All age ranges are treated.

Self Hydrotherapy Excersise Sessions
Within our Hydrotherapy setting we can also provide self-exercise programmes (clients must be assessed and a programme devised for them which is then reviewed periodically every 6 weeks to 3 months). Patients then attend, independently or with a carer, to follow a patient specific exercise regime using appropriate equipment.

Physiotherapy Treatment
We offer individual Physiotherapy treatment for acute and Chronic conditions.
We are specialists in 'Long-term chronic rehabilitation'. All age ranges are treated.

We also train parents and carers to enable treatment programmes to be continued at any other hydrotherapy facility they may use. This is reviewed regularly.

Professional Training
Annette Turner has undergone postgraduate professional training and is qualified to provide hydrotherapy training through the ATACP (Aquatic Therapy Association of Chartered Physiotherapists) for fellow physiotherapists who would like to enhance their skills. This can be for hospital physiotherapists or private practices and can be held in your own hospital or practice setting if required.